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Official Kick-Off Meeting for the Energy Saving Project and Improve Work Efficiency by Using Led Lighting Systems with New Technologies, Cob, For Offshore Fishing Vessels in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam
In order to deploy the content of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) dated 25/08/2016 signed between Quang Tri Province People's Committee (QTPPC) and New Energy and Industrial Development Organization of Japan (NEDO) and Implementation Document ( ID) signed on 25/08/2016 between Department of Science and Technology of Quang Tri(DOST) and Stanley Electrics Company(ST). DOST held a kick-off meeting for energy saving project to improve the efficiency of work under the JCM with special new technology (COB) of the LED lights for the offshore fishing vessels in Quang Tri Province , Vietnam.
   Attending the launch meeting, in favor of QTPPC is the representative, Mr. Tran Anh Tuan, Deputy Director of the Office of the provincial People's Committee; Tran Ngoc Lan - Director of Department of Science and Technology, Tran Thiem - Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology; Management and Project Task Force; Representatives from the related Communes and invited guests.
On the side of Japanese delegation, it is great welcome the presence of Mr. Satoshi Higaki - JCM Project Manager of NEDO, Mr. Yusuke Ueno - Office Manager of NEDO; Mr. Hiroyuki Taki - General Manager of Stanley Electrics; Mr. Akira Kikuchi - Manager of Stanley Electrics; Mr. Satoshi Nakamura - Senior Consultant of MUMSS.
The project in energy saving and improve work efficiency by using LED lighting systems with new technologies COB for offshore fishing vessels in Quang Tri Province to help fishermen save energy, reduce CO2 emissions and improve work efficiency. Currently, this project had been piloted for two fishing vessels in Gio Linh and Trieu Phong Districts. When the project is going to be implemented simultaneously in the whole Province, NEDO is going to grant LED systems for about 60 fishing vessels of fishermen in Quang Tri. At the launch meeting, NEDO has given formal approval of project to representative of Quang Tri Province People's Committee and Stanley Electric Co. handed a letter to the Department of Science and Technology marking the official launch of this project.
Speaking at the meeting, the Representative of NEDO, Mr. Satoshi Higaki - JCM Project Manager says NEDO recognized and thanked the relevant units that has partnered with this projects in recent times. After the official project launch, the Executive Board will meet to determine the direction of the project, hoping that the working groups of the two sides will strengthen the coordination to implement the assigned tasks; NEDO representative also expressed the desire to continue to receive the support and cooperation from Vietnam and hoped that this successful project will contribute to the provincial economy, develop, replicate this model to neighboring provinces. At the same time, NEDO and Stanley Electric Company committed to make all efforts to implement this project successfully.
To the Department of Science and Technology, Director Tran Ngoc Lan emphasizes that with efforts of the two sides of Vietnam and Japan, today is the official launch for the project implementation. This is an extremely important project for the promotion of fisheries sector development in Quang Tri especially after environmental incidents in the past month since April 2016. The trial successfully installed LED systems with new technologies for the two vessels are very welcome by the fishermen, striving to install to 60 ships in 2017. At the same time, the Department of Science and Technology is committed to make all efforts and advise the QTPPC to make successful implementation of this project in order to meet the desired expectations of fishermen in Quang Tri, contributing to economic and social development and security of seas of the province.
After the ceremony, Stanley Electrics and the Department of Science and Technology, with the presence of NEDO, have a detailed discussion to agree on the content of the project that is expected to deploy in the near future to carry out activities of the working groups in charge of implementing the technical work, data collection and data processing; train for trainees, transfer the technology; product promotion; testing, experimenting; dissemination of related information ./.
Phan Tuấn Anh
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